The 3 Best Beach “Dad” Hats

The 3 Best Beach “Dad” Hats

Beach Babe, Tequila Por Favor, Beach Hair Don't Care, Beach Baseball Cap, Dad Hat, Vacation Outfit

Here are our 3 absolute favorite beach “dad” hats. Seriously, you need one of these for your summer vacation!

1. This is our best selling hat, and best selling item in general. People are obsessed with the design on this hat and it looks so cute in every color!

Shop it here: Tequila Por Favor Dad Hat


2. If tequila isn’t really your thing, this hat is perfect! Honestly who has great hair at the beach? Between salt, sand and sunscreen you might as well cover your head with this adorable Beach Hair Don’t Care hat!

Shop it here: Beach Hair Don’t Care Dad Hat 


3. Last but certainly not least is our Beach Babe hat! Simple, yet so cute! This hat is perfect for the beach or just chilling at home, wishing you were at the beach!

Shop it here: Beach Babe Dad Hat



Shop all of our beach + vacation apparel on our Etsy shop!

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